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Dear visitor.
At the end of November 2017 we have, after more than 10 years, terminated working on this website.
The site will stay on internet for some time, but will not be adjusted anymore.

In this camping guide we have brought together as many Bulgarian camping sites as we could find. On the coast many changes take place when parks with luxury houses and hotels take over the camping sites to expand their property. The bathroom equipment of the older Bulgarian camping-sites do not always fulfil the West European standards. All English camping sites are positive. On all visited camping-sites the sanitary was kept clean, except on some large ones on the coast. The pit is placed ±30cm in front of the toilet. We always were welcomed very friendly and served us a tasteful meal for regional prices.
Ferry services over the Danube between Rumania and Bulgaria charges you for a camper € 52,- + € 15,- harbour fair. The ferry service Calarasi-Silistra (Rumania-Rumania) is much cheaper. The bridge connection Calafat-Vidin € 6.-. The bridge Giurgiu-Ruse € 2.- is in reconstruction, 2015-2016, long waiting times possible. Over the (free) barrage at the "Iron Gate" (Porţile de Fier) Rumania - Serbia and afterword's over one of the borders between Serbia and Bulgaria works also good.

For driving over Bulgarian roads you need a valid vignette. The vignettes are available at all the Bulgarian borders.
Vignettes for motorcycles and car's max. 8 persons: € 34,- for a year, € 13,- for a month, € 5,-for a week. (2013) There will be control, also when leaving Bulgaria!

Many speed controls, also at 40 and 60km signs: in the inland by the police, on the coast with camera's.

From abroad the telephone number of Bulgaria is 00359-(0)

School holidays in Bulgaria are from half June until half September. (3 months.) The main season is from half July until half August.

On this map of Bulgaria (without highways) you can see by the -camping numbers- were the camping sites are. These -camping numbers- will be changed sometimes, bud always in combination with the text page. When you have a PC or smartphone with you on your tour, it makes the search for camping sites more ease when you take a print of this map along with you. It saves a lot of movements on the phone or PC.
The better camping sites are displayed with a green "Camping name." Some not-recommended camping-sites are displayed with grey text.
!! On every map or on internet, the village and city names are published in a different way of spelling !!
The websites in Bulgarian language can be (reasonable) translated with the Google toolbar/translator.
Many camping sites on the coast are only for a short period in the main season open!!
On most Bulgarian camping sites it is not possible to pay with credit card!
Update: 10-08-2017.
e-mail: campings_in_bulgarije@hotmail.com
Link to our Rumania website: www.campings-in-roemenie.com

The North coast. From the Rumanian border to the south until the city of Burgas. (11-'14)

-1-"Kosmos". (Kocmoc) On the seaside north of Durankulak and 5km south of the Romanian border. Follow the signs. Places for 100 caravans, campers and tents, divided over 3 fields, not everywhere plain. There are wooden houses to be rented. Electricity hook-up possible. Four toilets and four showers, could be cleaned more often. Beautiful place with a nice view over the beach and the sea. Good and cheap restaurant with free Wi-Fi and a cool glass of beer. gsm: 0878.235.332. & 0887.235.332. http://shabla.be/bungala/camping_cosmos/ photos

-3-"Bek-21". (Chek-21) Surrounding Sabla, Sablenska Tuzla, on the coast. Small camping with restaurant. At the grass triangle strait on, on the crossroad to the right, after 10 meters the entrance is on the left. Restaurant and check-in: on the crossroad strait on, after ±20meter on the right. The beach is ± 50meter straight on. Place for 15 tents, 5 caravans and 5 campers. There are 8 houses to rent. Restaurant with terrace. Free Wifi. English spoken. Open during the summer period. GPS camping entrance: N 43°33'51" E 28°35'11" photos (8-'14)

-4-"Sveti Georgi". Hotel/camping. On the coast halfway Kavarna and Balcik. Is indicated. Saint George is situated between hotels and apartments in Ikantalaka. Divided over several terraces, most of them a bid sloping. Not much shadow. Nice view over the white rocks of the coast and the beach. With good weather there are many beach visitors on the camping and in the large restaurant. Access under 3,5 ton. GPS: N 43°24'25" E 28°14'53". Tel: 057.088.015. gsm: 0879.465.514. www.saintgeorgeresort.net e-mail: saintgeorgeresort@gmail.com photos

-5-"Laguna Village." North of Golden Sands Park. 18km north of Varna. It is good indicated. Terrace camping with 50 tent places and 36 caravan/camper places. There are a number of apartments available, closer to the beach and bar. They have a bathroom and a see-side balcony. There is a small shop at the entrance with very limited offering, bred, sodas, beer, some wine and some ice-cream. It is open when they decide to open it. Free Wifi close to the reception and TV. Electricity and water connection. Toilets are clean, the showers are not cleaned frequently enough. There is a second Wifi with a different password for the bar. From the terrace of the restaurant / bar access to the beach witch has a part for naturism. There re beach beds for rent. Serious swimming guard. 15 minutes' walk to the boulevard of Golden Sands. Open: 30 April-1 October. GPS: N 43°18'23" E 28°03'09". Tel/fax: 052.356.161. gsm: 0879.541.439. www.lagunavillageresort.com e-mail: laguna@lagunavillageresort.com photos (7-'15)
In the surroundings of Golden Sands Park you can find the waterpark Aquapolis.

Miracle of Nature the Stone forest. ±15km west of Varna. Is pointed out.. GPS: N 43°18'23" E 28°03'09". photos

-8-"Neptun". Surrounding Kamchia. ± 20 km south of Varna. From the "9" the road to Kamchia. The camping is pointed out by a simple sign. After ± 1 km to the left, after another ± 1,5 km is camping Neptun on the left. The other 5 camping's in the neighbourhood are just for houses! Camping Neptun of Neli and Wesco Georgievi has space for caravans, campers and tents. From the gate at the end of the camping 50m to the first restaurant. 50m further is the grocery shop, open every day. Further all kinds of souvenir stands; open from 1 Mei - 30 September. ± 7 minutes' walk to the beach, it has a length of 5 km. The camping gives reduction on a boat trip on the river (2014). Free Wifi with code. German speaking. Open All year round. GPS: N 43°02'27" E 27°52'59". gsm Neli : 0899.310.172. & 0899.340.061. e-mail: kamchiavarna@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-9-"Zora". In the northern outskirts of Obzor (8250) between other buildings. Slavyanska Str. 58. 250 meter from the beach. Route: from the south / Burgas - in the village 2e traffic light to the right (narrow shopping street). From the north / Varna - in the village 1e traffic light left. At the end left, after 50m 1e road left, strait on to the entrance of the camping. NB; The reception/owners are most of the time in their restaurant. Advise: report over there. Route: from the traffic light as before, after 50 meter is the restaurant on the corner of the first street left, the Ribarskastr. (do not drive into that street, bud stop in the shopping street). Good maintained camping. New showers and toilets. CHEM. Some caravans and campers have their own water connection. BBQ, hosteller kitchen, children playground and an artificial swimming pool. The camping is a small "park" between new build apartments and hotels. To the camping belongs a moderate restaurant, at 50 meter distance (Ribarskastr), where the owners of the camping, Viktor en Soneva Dragomera, have their office. Camping guests receive 10% reduction, but ask for it! Behind the camping is a Spar supermarket. Open from 24 Mei-30 October. GPS: N 42°49'27" E 27°52'47". Tel: 0556.32.171. gsm: 0898.218.027. & 0884.326.337. Fax: 0556.32.171. www.zora-ob.com e-mail: mira_ob@mail.bg & e-mail: mira-ob@all.bg photos

-10-"Irakli".The camping lies between Obzor and Emona. From the 9 a short distance to the coast. Bad road. In the village of Irakli at the coast to the right, the camping is close to the river. Places for 20 tents and 20 caravans / campers. Beach bar, washing machine. Water sport, off-road. (The road was blocked, so we could not reach the camping.) (Augustus 2014.) GPS: N 42°45'11.9" E 27°53'18.2". Tel: 0280-33.080. & 0243-96.508. www.emona.info Is under construction! e-mail: office@emona.info

Nesebar On the coast of the peninsula is a CAMPERSPOT on the large parking left. Staircases lead to the higher part of the city. Toilet is present.

-11-"Aheloyska Bitka" (battle at Aheloy) 8217. 25km north of Burgas. 1 km south of the village of Aheloy leads a small road to the coast. The camping is pointed out. There is a place for 50 tents, caravans and campers divided among a field with trees and bushes and a field of grass. There are 3 bungalows to rent. Older sanitary but kept clean. CHEM and grey water at the water point behind the main building. There is a small restaurant with terrace on 50m from the camping close to the beach, to the right of the entrance of camping Lozana-Aheloi. At the entrance of camping Lozana-Aheloi is a shop. Free Wifi with code. English, Russian, French and Greek spoken. Open from the start of Mei - end of September. GPS: N 42°37'59" E 27°38'17". & N 42.37583. E 27.38168. gsm: 0885.572.979. & 0879.581.458. e-mail: aheloybattle@gmail.com photos (8-'14)

-12-"Lozana-Aheloi" Aheloy 8217. 25km north of Burgas. 1 km south of the village of Aheloy leads a small road to the coast. The camping is pointed out, 50m after Aheloyska Bitka. Places for 100 tents and 50 caravans and campers, on a good maintained lawn. Restaurant and Shop. It is a large terrain with some wooden and some stone houses. Free Wifi with code. Open from 1 Mei - 1 October. English spoken. GPS: N 42°37'58" E 27°38'21". Tel: Reception: 0596.85113, Georgi Stoyanov. Booking: 0898.922.798. e-mail: georgi_stoyanov09@mail.bg photos (8-'14)

North of camping Lozana is camping "Aheloi" with just houses for rent! (8-'14)

The South coast. From Burgas until the border with Turkey.
We recommend to take the coast road from Burgas if you want to visit one of the camping sites on the "South coast". The East-West connection roads in that aria are very bad to drive on. (8-'14)

-14-"Gradina" (Garden) In Kavda, 2km south of Chernomoretz, 26km south-east of Burgas, but before Sozopol. The last 1,5km of the road is in bad condition and cars park along the small road, so now and then there is a blockade. It is a popular place for windsurfing and one of the largest camping's in Bulgaria, in the last two weeks in July and the first two weeks in August almost full occupied. Camping Gradina has a medical post, post office, grocery store, fast-food, four coffee bars, a sports field, restaurant and a bar. On the camping are places for 400 tents and 250 caravans / campers. There are 50 bungalows to rent. Elektra hook-up. For the showers and toilettes every camping place receives an entrance kea. English spoken. GPS: N 42°25'33,9" E 27°38'42,18". Tel: 052.630.644. & gsm: 0887.286.203. & 0886.108.100. http://www.campinggradinacom/ e-mail: kamping.gradina@gmail.com & reservations@campinggradina.com photos (8-'14)

-15-"Zlatna Ribka." (Golden Fish Royal) On the "Royal Beach" 2km north of Sozopol on the road to Burgas. Nice welcome at the gate / reception. There are places for 100 tents, 50 caravans / campers and there are bungalows to rent. There is a restaurant, bakery, supermarket, souvenir shop, medical service and massage. Guard with a kea at the new sanitary building, and CHEM. In August still many free places, also in the shade. There are two tariff zones. Tariff and info on the website. Free Wifi. Open: 1 Mei until 20 September. GPS: N 42°24'27" E 27°40'27". Tel: Tel: 05450.22534. & 0879.052884. gsm 0879.052.887. http://zlatna-ribka.com/ e-mail: campingzlatnaribka@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-16-"Kavatsi" 8139. 4km south of Sozopol, on the beach just before Smokinya camping. There are many summerhouses to be rented. The camping has space for 200 tents, 50 caravans / campers. Acceptable camping. End of July and start of August very busy. Entrance with barrier, which opens after payment. Large territory. Sufficient shade. Elektra hook-up, Large sanitary building, a bid older, some toilets not clean, bud reasonably useful. The new sanitary building is clean. Bar, restaurant and shop. The beach is nice. GPS: N 42°23'32" E 27°42'16". Tel: 055.022.261. www.russalka-holidays.com photos (8-'14)

-17-"Smokinya" 8130. 4km south of Sozopol, naxt to the camping Kavatsi. Places for 100 tents and 100 caravans / campers. Restaurant, café. At the end of July and start of August very busy. English and German speaking. GPS: N 42°23'29" E 27°42'18". gsm: 0888.729.865. photos (8-'14)

-18-"Kiten" 8183. Route: branch of towards Kiten. Drive direction centre. After the gas station direct right, into a bumpy road. After ± 1km the camping entrance is on the right. Next to the beach and the Karagach river in a kind of "natural" territory, close to the village of Kiten. You still can hear the main road. Space for 90 tents and 140 caravans / campers. There are 40 bungalows to be rented. 3 Restaurants, bar and shops. Old and terrible dirty toilets and showers. There are some portable toilets. Very busy during the summer holidays. Free Wifi with code. English and Russian speaking. Open from 10 Jun - 10 September. GPS: N 42°13'49" E 27°46'25". Tel: 0550.36924. & 0884.323.911. Fax: 0550.36086. www.iffavorit.com e-mail: iffaforit@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-19-"Яkoto Mrcto" (Cool Place) Nice small camping on the Northside of Yug / South (-20-) on a small, bad, sandy road parallel to the coast. In the summer often some places free for travellers. Clean sanitary. Camping-kitchen. Much green and flowers. Restaurant at the camping next door (Yug) on the beach. Shop on the parking next to the road. Free Wifi with code. English speaking. Open from 15 Mei - 15 September. GPS: N 42°13'05" E 27°47'01" gsm: 0893.334.442. photos (8-'14)

-20-"Yug" (South) Situated between Kiten and Lozenetz. 8261. Route from the north: after Kiten you pass by a bridge after 2km, then the first road left and directly to the right, follow the parallel small sandy road. After ± 700m lies the camping left. It is good indicated. On the camping are many season/weekend visitors in caravans, the better situated citizens from the bigger Bulgarian city's. Spaces for 126 tents and 60 caravans / campers. There are 11 bungalows to be rented. Beautiful place on the beach and sea. Hotel-restaurant / café bar, swimming pool. Shop in the main building were you can buy bread in the morning. Simple but clean sanitary. Open Officially from 9 Jun, bud you may enter the camping before that date. There is also a shop at the parking next to the road, and shops in Kiten and Lozenets. Free Wifi with code. GPS: N 42°13'05" E 27°47'02" Tel: 0550.32329. Fax: 055.036.086. gsm:0884.323.911. www.iffavorit.com e-mail: iffavorit@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-21-"Kym Kashla" The camping lies south of camping Yug (-20-) and on the opposite of camping Koral (-22-). On the camping are many wooden summerhouses. Also is there some space for tents, caravans and campers, except in high season. All under the trees. Simple camping, toilets with a kea. 250m from the beach. Free Wifi with code. Open from June - end of September. GPS: N 42°12'57" E 27°47'17" gsm: office Kitten: 0899.862.411. photos (8-'14)

-22-"Koral". The camping lies south of camping Yug (-20-) and on the opposite of camping Kym Kawaa (-21-) on a small, bad, sandy road parallel to the coast. The entrance of the camping was locked during our visit According the people in de surroundings the camping was not working well. The camping lies in an aria of dunes, cut through with three sand paths. In fact only suitable for tent camping. Advice: first check if it is possible to drive over which one of the paths by daylight. There are no trees. Spread in the dunes are some electricity connections and water tabs. There is no reception, someone comes along to collect the money. On the beach (also named Koral) are three bars for a drink and little snacks. Free surrounding on the beach, sea, and a forest. Shops in Kiten and Lozenets. GPS: N 42°12'57" E 27°47'17" (8-'14) gsm: 0888.113.858. photos

-23-"Oasis" is situated 1,5km south of Lozenetz 8277. Spaces for 110 tents and 110 caravans and campers. Grass camping on a distends of 150m from the beach with bars and snack bars. At the north side big apartment buildings are constructed. On the camping is a nice shop with a terrace covered with plants and flowers, close to the entrance. Compared to other camping's it is very quiet. Old and terrible dirty toilets and showers. GPS: N 42°11'49" E 27°29'05" Tel: 055.036.924. Fax: 055.036.086. gsm:0884.323.911. www.iffavorit.hit.bg/ e-mail: iffavorit@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-24-"Arapya". lies on a small bay between the city of Tzarevo and the village Lozenetz. There are summerhouses to be rented and there 100 space for tents, 80 for caravans and 50 for campers. There are snack bars, a fish restaurant, a post office and shops on the complex. In this surrounding many summerhouses have being built along the narrow roads. The many beach visitors park their car along those roads, it has becomes so narrow, we could not reach the camping with our camper. GPS: N 42°11'18.4" E 27° 50'07". gsm: 0888.625.685. & 0898.269.209. www.arapya.com e-mail: admin@arapya.com (8-'14)

-25-"Arapia-Topolite". (poplars) Restaurant, shops, post office, surf school, Guarded beach. Space for tents, caravans and campers. GPS: N 42°11'18" E 27°50'14" gsm: 0888.625.685. & 0898.630.764. reception Zhivka Danailova Dimitrova. www.campingtopolite.hit.bg/ e-mail: arapya.topolite@gmail.com (8-'14)

-27-"Delfin". 2,5km north of Athopol on the coast road. Inclining ground. The spaces for 50 tents and 50 caravans / campers are in the high season almost full, for tents are many places in the wood. Shops in Athopol. Free Wifi, with code. English spoken. GPS: N 42°06'18" E 27°55'11" gsm: 0888.403.204. & 0887.384.071. & 0887.745.660. http://campingdelfin.com e-mail: delfin@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-28-"Silistar". Between Sinemoretz resort and the city of Rezovo, 5km from the border with Turkey, in a beautiful aria where the national park Strandzha Mountain reaches the Black see. The park is from the camping not easy to enter. The road to the camping is small and sandy bud the camping is well pointed out. There are caravans and wooden houses to be rented and there is space for many tents, caravans and campers, most of them under the trees. On the camping are some portable toilets and you can take a shower. It is primitive. Open from 20.05 - 20.09. GPS: N 42° 01'24.81" E 28°00'29.42" gsm: 0877.728.223. www.facebook.com/silistarcamp e-mail: aleksa_85@mail.bg photos (8-'14)
The beautiful Silistar beach is next to the camping, and visited by many Bulgarians. At the right is a rock in the see were many people climb up to. There is a bar which serves nice cool beer, and a restaurant with terrace, open from 9.00 - 18.-. Here is a clean toilet! To rent: kano's surfboards, water bikes and water scooters. Guards on several places on the beach. Diving course, and horseback riding in the surroundings. photos (8-'14)

Camping sites in the inland. Some changed camping numbers are temporary written in a red color. (11-'14)

-31- Alexandrovo. 6351. "Camping and caravan park Alexandrovo." 18 km from Haskovo and 60 km from the Turkish border. Leaving Haskovo over the 8 direction Harmanli, the first side-way (bridge over the 8) to the 8007. Follow the brown signs towards the replica Thracian grave. In Alexandrovo on a square triangle in the centre, to the north. After a turn at the end of the village is the by a wall surrounded camping on the right. English camping site of Matt Thomlinson. Tariff on the website. Free Wifi with code. Open from the beginning of April until the end of October. GPS: N 41°59'13" E 25°43'34" gsm: 0888.648384. www.alexandrovocamping.com info@alexandrovocamping.com photos (8-'14)
The Thracian museum with the replica of a Thracian grave is outside the village on the east side. photos (8-'14)

-32-Bansko. Camping "Banderitsa". (Banderica) South of Bansko (southeast of Blagoevgrad). Leaving the big ski lift in Bansko, 12km climbing over an asphalt road until 200m before mountain hotel Banderitsa. The biggest part of the road is new asphalt (2010) with some steep parts. No access for trailers! On the road you drive thru a ski aria, with a beautiful view into the valley with the ski biathlon stadium. More than 60 camping spaces spread over three terraces near a restaurant. Tariff (2010) 2 Leva (± € 1.-) p.p.p.n. pay in the restaurant. Behind the camping are two wooden toilets. Clear mountain water out of a pipe above the camping. From the camping you can reach mountain hotel "Vihren" by road, walking (3km) or by car, small road / small parking, or on an easy (2km) walking path. Over the normal road you pass by the oldest tree of the Pirin mountains. GPS: N 41°45'59" E 23° 25'28". Tel: 0744.32683. gsm: 0899.963.081. & 0896.688.466. & 0896.688.461. & 0896.688.588. e-mail: tdvihren@abv.bg photos

-34-Surrounding Batak / Tsigov Chark. 4580. "ECO Camping Batak. "Driving on the 376 ± 6,5km west of the centre of Batak, (±20km east of ) in the village of Tsigov Chark, go right on the crossroad next to some shops, restaurants and stands. Than still 1½km to the camping by the lake. The camping is pointed out with wooden signs. The owner Chris Simeonov is an enthusiastic Bulgarian who speaks good English, because he lived for a long time in the USA. On behalf of the ECO environment the owner uses only wood and stone. The sanitary buildings are made of wood. There are 3 showers and 4 toilets kept perfectly clean. The wastewater is ecologically cleaned. CHEM: please use as few as possible chemicals because the septic tank! There is always hot water. The view is splendid and it is a nice place to be. The third camping terrace was created end 2013, and by a new macadam path on the end of the camping connected with the road above the camping. There are mountain bikes to rent (nice drive a round of 36 km around the lake Batak). There are 3 gas BBQ's and pick nick tables. Laundry service: ask the reception. Free Wi-Fi. There are kayak's to rent and Chris works together with a horse riding school on 500m distance. You also can make use of the restaurant on 200m distance along the lake. Camping tariff on the website. Do you have problems with your car or caravan, with help of the camping it can most of the time be repaired. Open from 1 April until 1 October. GPS: N 41°57'31" E 24°9'17.1". gsm: 0894.209.911. www.campingbatak.com welcome@campingbatak.com photos (8-'14)

-35-Batosevo. Mini camping "Casteldam". 15 km south of Sevlievo, 8 km west of Gabrovo, in Batosevo left in the direction of the village of Castel. New mini camping on a barrage. Steep entrance. There are 3 wooden houses to rent. Space for some tents around the lake and 3 caravans/campers on the roadside of the lake. There is only one toilet. Free fishing, there are dig ones, but do not let themselves catch. gsm: 0888.205.897. Hristo Ivanov Shivarov-owner. & 0885.478.868. Ivelin Rachev-Manager.
www.castelo-fishing.com e-mail: castelo-fishing@dir.bg photos

-37-Belogradchik. 3900. Camping "Madona", Out of the centre of Belogradchik in the direction of Sofia, after ± 1,5km the second asphalt path on the left. Camping name is pointed out in wood. An winding path uphill brings you on a small square. Here is a kind of office to sign up. On this square is some space to stay. Horizontal places in the shade for tents on the grass. Water and electricity are present. The sanitary is very common bud clean. The landlady speaks some French. GPS: N 43°37'14" E 22°41'34". photos A visit to Belogradchik, the red rocks and the remains of the fortress is sure worth a visit! photos

-40-Surrounding Belogradchik. Falkovets/Yanyovets, 3949. Inn/camping "Han Madona 2 (Inn)". Falkovets lies to the 114, between Belogradchik 14km and the 1/E79 close to Ruzintsi 5,5km. Good maintained camping terrain surrounded by trees. ±30 places. Good restaurant with a well-appointed dining-hall and small tables on the balcony. BBQ. New sanitary building and CHEM. In the garden are long tables with banks between some old farmers-carriages underneath the trees in the shade. Free Wi-Fi. GPS: N 43°35'51" E 22°46'47". gsm: 0894.774.746. www.hanmadona.com e-mail: info@hanmadona.com photos (8-'14) A visit to Belogradchik, the red rocks and the remains of the fortress is sure worth a visit! photos

-38-Biser. 6470. "Sakar Hills Camping". Georgi Sava Rakovski street. Nr 2. Biser lies to the E80 between Harmanli and Lyubimets. Leaving Haskovo over the E80 in the direction of the Turkey's border. In Harmanli, before the bridge to the left. Follow the circular road to the right, and at the end to the left. Follow after 8km the signs towards Biser and the camping. Over the new motorway turn off at Lyubimets towards the 8. From here the camping is pointed out. It is at a big white house. English camping. Covert terrace. Free Wi-Fi. Washing machine, new sanitary, CHEM. Open from 01.04-30.09. Outside the season open if there is someone at home, with less facilities. One apartment is for rent all year round. Places for 4-12 persons. For 4 persons is always space, bud when you want to book more people, pleas book one month in advance. Tariff on the website. In the neighbourhood; a grocery store, two restaurants, and a bar. The camping offers excursions to historical places and wine cellars. For repair on car or caravan the camping has connections with people hue can offer help. Open from 1 April - 1 October. GPS: N 41°52'12" E 25°59'29". gsm: 0885.504.338. Martin and Shirley Jeffes. www.sakar-hills.com e-mail: mail@sakar-hills.com photos (8-'14)
On a distance of ±50km south of Biser is the natural reserve Madzharovo, a breading place for several kinds of vultures. Also falcons and woodpeckers live here. The information centre is daily open form 9.00 until 17.00 o'clock. Excursions with guide must be booked in advance.

-39- Borovets. CAMPER/CARAVANSPOT on a parking on the East side of Borovets, the road from Borovets to Kostenec, direct on the right side after an apartment complex, on 1,5km from the road into the centre. Running water from a well. Electricity when possible, out of the small snack bar on the end of the parking. The owner is a Dutch/English speaking Bulgarian who loves to have you as customer (eat, drink, small talk). He is over 30 years ski teacher. GPS: N 42°16'18" E 23°37'02". photos

De ski lift cabin in Borovets is in the summer season closed on Monday and Tuesday. The other days the last cabin comes down at half past five. photos (7-'15)

-39a- Borovets. Mini camping site in the centre, after the ski lift and a snack bar on the right. Opposite the office Borosport. Spaces for a few caravans, tents and campers. Sign-in: Restaurant "Hrimahouse" to the right and on the other side of the street. 2 toilets and 2 showers and the laundry / dish washing space you find behind the wall of the stairs on the right side of the house. All very clean. GPS: N 42°16'1" E 23°36'15" photos (7-'15)

-41- Boyanovo. 8730. Camping "Gemmagos Leisure". Str. G.Dimitrov. Over the 7 between Elhovo 11km and 31km Yambol is the road to Boianovo, 2,5 km to the camping. Where in the village the road divides, is on the south side almost in the middle of the street the English camping of Guy and Janet Firth. Space enough for some tents, caravans and campers. In the garden house are 2 double bed rooms to rent. 3 grocery stores in the village. Good restaurant on 2,5km outside the village along the 7. Except the time Guy and Janet (65+) are on holiday, all year open. Please mail if you want to come. Alternative: when there is nobody at home, the restaurant on the 7 is a TIR parking (with gas station) were you can stay. GPS: N 42°15'34" E 26°37'23". gsm: 0877.899.278. e-mail: gemmagos1@gmail.com photos (8-'14)

-42- Dragizhevo. 5145. Community of Lyaskovets. "Camping Veliko Tarnovo". Vasil Levski Street 70. ± Over the A4, east of Veliko Tarnovo. Then turn to the right (south), direction Dragizhevo. Drive into the village centre and after a round flower-bed on your left, turn left after ±20m. At the end of the village another 200m to the camping on the right. Much space on the English camping of Nick and Nicky Kinson. Restaurant with extended menu and low prices. Showers heated by solar energy, clean sanitary, CHEM, hosteller kitchen, washing machine and dryer. BBQ, bar and free Wi-Fi, ask the code. Almost all camping spaces are connected with water, electricity and grey water waste-pipe. Big swimming pool, totally renewed in spring 2016. The camping is open from 1 March until 30 October. Winter stay and caravan storage only after reservation. GPS: N 43°04'01" E 25°45'11". Tel: 0619.42777. gsm: 0886.877.244. www.campingvelikotarnovo.com e-mail: office@campingvelikotarnovo.com photos(7-'15)
If there is something sporty you want to do, ask on the reception a leaflet about off-road safari's, water sport's and mountain climbing. The city of Veliko Tarnovo photos is worth a visit, also in the evening when there is a light-show. The reception of the camping can call you a cab (Mr.Dimitar), ask for his telephone number to return. On 30km distends north-west of Dragizhevo you find a large Roman excavation: Nicopolis Ad Istrum. photos

-43-Dryanovo. 5370. Camping "Strinava". ± 5km south of Dryanovo on the 5. The camping lies 300 meter east of the Dryanovo convent, on the bank of the river Dryanvska. The curve of the entrance is short for larger caravans and campervans, better drive on to the parking of the convent to turn, so that the "decent" towards the camping gives no problem. The terrain is 4200 m2. The capacity is max. 25 caravans/campers, on a large asphalt parking with much illumination. For tents are 5 places on grass. The parking is secure. Electricity, water, grey water and CHEM. There are 3 showers and 4 toilets. Tariff is p. person, no costs for the caravan/campervan. The restaurant "Bacho Kiro" lies in the neighbourhood and it is run by the owners of the camping. The camping is open from March until November. Tel: Maria Kaneva: 0676.23323. For contact and reservations in English, Teodora: gsm: 0889.758.123. e-mail: bacho_kiro2@abv.bg
The 2e photo shows the tunnel almost above the camping. photos For the surrounding and more camping photos: www.dryanovo.com
Leaving the camping to the museum-village Bozhentsi, direction Gabrovo end ± 10 km before Gabrovo left (east) into a country road to Bozhentsi. (according info it is ± 15 km away from the camping). A very quiet and by green surrounded (over restored) village and not yet discovered by tourism. Rich Bulgarians have here their second home, new or restored. Many houses changed into hotel or catering service. You have to leave your car on the parking outside the village and go farther on foot. The village is more beautiful than the open air museum " Etara" bud also worth a visit.

-44-Harmanli. 6450. Swimming pool / Camping. "City Garden". (Gradanska Gradina.) In the centre of Harmanli. Space for 30 tents and 10 caravans / campers. There are 3 houses to rent. Restaurant with 150 places. Shop in the Neighbourhood. 2 Swimming pools with 150 seats around them. Children playground, some animals, small train for children. Large park. Wifi without code. The owner Vasilev Zhivco (Alex) speaks German, a little English, Turkish, Rreek and Russian. The personnel English. GPS: N '41°55'42" E 25°54'31". gsm: 0882.805.373. e-mail: gradska_gradina_harmanli@abv.bg photos (8-'14)

-51-Idilevo. 5422. "Moto Camp Bulgaria". Along a parallel road of the 4/E772 15km west of Sevlievo and 35km west of Veliko Tarnovo. The next years only for motorcycles, small tents and a small caravan or campers. There are rooms to rent. Bar. Free use of the equipment the workshop. Cable TV. Free Wi-Fi. Vising in the surrounding. In the attic is a room with maps, books and games. Also the prices they gained. Just open in summertime! English speaking owners. GPS: N 43°02'14" E 25°14'57". gsm: 0888.840.255.-Polly. & 0884.685.266.-Doug. & 0888.466.585.-Ivo. www.motosapiens.org e-mail: motocampbg@Yahoo.com photos Off-road (4x4) with Chris book in advance, see the website.

-45-Kamenovo. 7041. Community of Kubrat. "Kamenovo Camping". Yurri Gagarin str. 3. From Razgrad 20km over the 49 direction Kubrat, thru Kamenovo, at the end left over the bridge, than the third road left. At the beginning of a path to the left is the gate to the camping. It is pointed out. English camping run by Howard and Julie (2012). Hospitable and enthusiastic welcome. There are some apartments to rent. Slight inclined lawn. Clean sanitary, CHEM, Swimming pool, BBQ, electricity, free Wi-Fi with code, Bar. Tariff on the website. Open from 1 May - 31 October. GPS: N 43°42'51,2" E 26°28'16.2". gsm: Howard: 0893.927.199. gsm: Julie: 0896.284.486. www.kamenovocamping.weebly.co e-mail: howardkamenovocamping@yahoo.com (7-'15) photos

-54- Omg. Kapinovo. Camping "Kapinovo Monastery". Leaving Veliko Tarnovo over the 5 to the south. After the crossroad with the road number 4 the first road to the left to Prisovo. The monastery and the camping are pointed out from here. More than 30 places for tents, caravans and campers. Enough electricity connections. Washing machine, showers, toilets, toilet for disabled people, CHEM and first aid in the new building behind the reception. During our visit the reception was not yet open, so we have no info about the opening period. The camping is close to a small forest and a river, were close to the restaurant it is possible to swim. The Monastery is on walking distance. GPS: N 42°58'44" E 25°44'46". gsm: 0884.485.454. The website www.kapinovsky.bg does not work yet. photos (7-'15)

-46-Kazanluk. Camping "Kransko Hanche". This camping lies ± 2.2 km north of Kazanluk, on the left side on the road to Shipka en Gabrovo. In front of the camping lies a bicycle path to Kazanlak (± 3km). On the camping is a motel with restaurant. The motel is open all year round. De capacity is ± 50 caravans/campers. Sufficient shade. Many houses to rent. The camping entrance is secured by a barrier. There are electricity connections. In the centre of the lawn are several pits with a metal cover. Some for water and some pits for grey water + CHEM. Shower and toilet in the wooden houses, you receive a key to enter one of them. Open from 1 March until 31 December. GPS: N 42°39'13" E 25°22'43". Contact and reservation: Momchil Boyadzhiev. gsm: 0887.596.455. www.kranskohanche.com e-mail: krhanche@abv.bg photos
The camping is a good base for a visit to the festival of the roses, on the first Sunday in June. From 9.00 until 11.00 cultural happenings. From the north: before Kazanluk left, the crowd leads you. Next to that road left is also the roses museum, to the right the fields where the roses are picked from. At 12.00 starts the Parade in the town center. Again: follow the crowd. photos

Driving over the Shipka pas, you can turn on te pas into a road to the east, to visit the monument of freedom remembering the battle (1877) in the Russian-Turkish war which ended in the defeat of the Ottoman. photos From there you have a beautiful view over Kazanluk and the mountain aria to the north.

-47-Surrounding Kazanluk. Camping "Shipka". Next to the 5/E85 Kazanluk-Gabrovo North of the Shipka pas. ± 6 places for caravans/campers and some tents. One working toilet, plus shower in the main building. Electricity. Friendly welcome. There is a restaurant. Free Wi-Fi. All year round open. GPS: N 42°45'27" E 25°19'22". gsm: 0878.314.712. www.campingshipka.bg e-mail: shipka_camping@abv.bg photos

-72-Klisura. 4341. "ECO kompleks Klisura". On the 6 Sofia 88km - 80km Kazanlăk, next to a parallel road on the south side of the 6. Two km out of the centre of Klisura. Recent opened for camping. You receive a key to one of the bungalows for the use of the shower and toilet. The little swimming pool is ready. Restaurant with bar and terrace. Simple children's playground. The website "www.ecocomplex-klisura.hit.bg" just works when you are logged in on Facebook. On that website are many photos, also about weddings and party's. Next to the entrance is a small zoo with goats. On a higher part of the terrain are cannons presented of the military museum of the city of Klisura. I have not found anything about ECO on the camping. GPS: N 42°41'52" E 24°27'27.3". Tel: 0931.372.032. gsm: 0886.831.261. photos
Info about the surrounding in Bulgarian: http://www.klisura.bg
The camping is well situated to visit on ± 13km distance the village of Koprivshtitsa, fames because of the traditional Bulgarian architecture and Peoples art.

-57- Kromidovo. 2871. Camping "Kromidovo". Ulitsa Ivan Vazov 25. On the road number 1. ± 5 km south of Sandanski turn east in the direction of Melnik. After 4km you arrive in Kromidovo. The camping lies on the south-east side, at the end of the village. Places for campers, caravans and tents, rooms and apartments for rent. Bed and breakfast. Wifi. Modern sanitary. The owner Sara Finn speaks English. GPS: N 41° 27'15" E 23°21'47". &: N 41.454200. E 23.363300. Tel: in BG: Sara +359 8866 48714. & John +359 8877 69628. & Svet +359 8774 16506. Tel: in GB: Sara +44 7966 070641. & John +44 7703 209382. http://www.campingkromidovo.com e-mail: campingkromidovo@gmail.com (We have not visited this camping yet).

-48-Madara. 9971. Camping "Tangra". South of the 4 (E772) between Kaspican and Sumen. Follow in Madara the signs towards the horseman relief. At the souvenir stalls and the rocks with the horseman relief to the right, ± 500 meter into a climbing narrow asphalt road. Because the trees next to the road to the camping have not been cut, is the space too small for large caravans and campervans. At the beginning of the road the camping is pointed out by a blue sign. Shower in the restaurant, toilet outside. The outside showers were out of order. Electricity connection possible. When the grass is cut and the rubbish is gone, there is space for 20 tents / 10 caravans / campers. There are 10 old summer houses to rent. BBQ. Open the hole year round. GPS: N 43°16'23" E 27°06'46". gsm: 0899.034.206. & 0898.724.888. photos In the surrounding of the camping a nice walk is possible to the horseman relief, a cave and the fortress on the mountain. photos

-49-Surrounding Melnik. In the village of Rozhen, on the parking of Motel Rozhen (Rojen) 6km from Melnik and 1km before the convent of roses. Suitable for caravans and campers. Water, electricity, good food. Very friendly owner: Blagon Georgiev. The terrain has a beautiful view over the rocks, and is illuminated and guarded with video cameras. When there are more visitors, the owner makes place on the parking of the neighbour next-door. Also possible for groups. GPS: N 41°32'03" E 23°26'01". Tel: 074372282 gsm: 0885.356.058. & 089849375. e-mail: xandjiata@abv.bg photos
A nice walk in the surroundings starts behind the motel to the left to Lyubovisthe. (Straight ahead you reach the convent of Rozhen.) You enter a small steep road . After ± 500m the asphalt becomes gravel/sand and leads into a soft-sandstone tunnel. The sandy road continues and after you pass by a couple of houses the road becomes concreted. On top of the hill where the road turns left, you have a nice view of the surroundings.

-64-Marjan. 5084. (Maryan). Camping "Lucky". Maryan lies ±40km east southeast of Velika Tarnovo, and ±8km east of Elena. West of Maryan leads a road to the north. The camping is pointed out. After 1,6km lies the camping behind the bridge, on the right side. The camping is very neatly. There are some spaces for tents between the summer houses and a lot of space on the large lawn. 1 or 2 caravans/campers at the entrance. There are 6 (4 persons) beautiful summerhouses to rent. Every house has its own bathroom, terrace, air-conditioning and cable TV. There is a small restaurant, also for breakfast, and a bar. BBQ. playground with trampoline and climbing wall and gate to the river. Open: all year round. GSM: N42°56'18" E 25°57'03". gsm: 0887.235.086. & 0885.635.230. http://www.bungalows-lucky.eu e-mail: mail@bungalows-lucky.eu photos

-50-Narecenski Bani. 4239. Motel with camping possibility. "Camping SBA Motel". Next to the 86, 18km southwest of Asenovgrad. (south of Plovdiv.) A few spots for small tents on grass. Campers and caravans on a concreted parking. Toilets in the main building next to the swimming pool. There are 15 wooden houses to rent. The new owner is working hard to improve the facility. The swimming pool and the terrace are ready for use. There are plans to put a sanitary building on the parking. GPS: N 41°53'54" E 24°44'11". gsm: 0885.619.137. & 0894.850.684. www.sbamotela.com photos
On ± 12km south of Narecenski Bani (86) leads a road to the west to the Wonderful Bridges. Is pointed out on that crossroad. photos

-52-Parvomajci. 5139. "Trinity Rocks Farm". North of Veliko Tarnovo. Between Samovodene and Parvomajci. leaving Veliko Tarnovo over the 5 / E85 direction Ruse (Pyce) after 5 min. you arrive in Samovodene. Directly after the village to the right, direction Gorna Orjahovica. After 100m to the right; is well pointed out. English farm camping with much space. In the evening you can make a Campfire. Spaces with and without shade next to the river. In the river, well stocked with fish, it is possible to fish and swim from the camping. Mountain climbing, walking. See the website. The owner Cliff Surtees is very entertaining. Once in a while he invites some British people who live in the neighbourhood to play some music. Free Wifi on almost the entire camping site. GPS on the road: N 43°09'01" E 25°37'11". gsm: 0899.019.488. www.trinityrocksfarm.com & e-mail: cliff.surtees@gmail.com & photos
On ± 14km distends north of Parvomajci is the large Roman excavation: Nicopolis Ad Istrum. photos

-53-Surrounding Plovdiv. Camping "Trakia". Pazardzhishko's house 4km. ± 4 km west of Plovdiv next to the 8. At the opposite of the Techno Market. From the 1e roundabout after Pazarcik another 2,5km, than on the right side, hidden in the bushes. Friendly Welcome. ± 10 spaces for tents / 5 spaces for caravans and campers on a lawn. Electricity on the field, shower/toilet/water in one of the houses, the key is after use expected return at the desk. Illuminated in the night. Reception and bar with terrace at the entrance. In the evening and at night some car traffic to the 12 present houses by prostitutes and their customers. Stores: 2km west, on the roundabout right. The big Metro supermarket is a little bit farther on. Each day you have to pay the camping, that takes long because the administration. Free Wi-Fi. Open: 1 April - 1 November. Big plus is the bus connection with the centre of Plovdiv. The stop is changed, ask the reception. Leaves every quarter of an hour, stops at the old city and is only 2 Lev (€ 1) per person. GPS: N 42°09'17" E 24°42'24". Tel: 032.654.000. gsm: 0885.805.215. & 0887.785.269. www.leipzig.bg e-mail: reservations@leipzig.bg photos

-55-Predel. Camping "Predel". At 2km north of Simitli to the east direction Razlog and Bansko. After ± 20km, into a small road on the left side to the camping. Is pointed out. There are several terrains with summerhouses next to each other, belonging to the same owner. Lots of space on the camping, flat terrain with grass, tents can be put in the shade. There are 25 summer houses to rent. There is a restaurant with terrace, good meals from the grill with frites, salad and bread. Electricity from one of the houses. French toilets, no separation between the showers. Older bud clean sanitary. On request the heater for warm water is put on early. There are swings, a volleyball net, a pool table and TV. GPS: N 41° 53'47" E 23° 19'53". gsm: 0887.252.383 (Toni) & 0885.650.440. e-mail: toni_predel@abv.bg photos

-56-Rabisa / Magura cave, CAMPERVAN and CARAVANSPOT, in a bee-line ± 30km North of Belogradcik. On the parking of the Magura cave, here used to be a restaurant, a "camper spot" also for caravans. A nice asphalted parking with water after the hotel on the end of the parking. At the beginning of June clean toilets. !! The historical wall paintings in the cave are recently damaged !!
GPS: N 43°43'37" E 22°35'02". photos
For an overnight on a flat spot drive to the exit of the cave. Leaving the parking the first road left, parking space next to the turning point for busses. Between the trees view on the lake. The present toilets, also for wheel chair, are badly maintained. A road train brings you back to the cave entrance. GPS: N 43°43'56" E 22°34'37". photos (8-'14)

-58-Rila. 2630. Camping Zodiac !!! This Camping site is closed. (8-'17)

The caves of Rila are 2,5km after Rila convent, follow the road, watch the sins, than a walking path with stairs up hill, ± 15 minutes, is good pointed out.

Rila convent. To visit on arrival with caravan or campervan, better park before the convent. The parking behind the convent is made of large stones and is steep. photos

-59-Rila. 2630. Camping "Bor". Lies between the convent and camping Zodiak. From the convent after 1km right over the bridge and direct left into a path through the wood. Camping Bor is good pointed out. After 150m lies the camping on the left. next to the river. Sharp turn left! Reception at the restaurant. Terrain in beautiful nature and view on the Rila mountains. There are French toilets and there is a shower with half-warm water, every day cleaned. And a primitive wash facility. Also some summer houses to rent. Much shadow. Search for a flat spot. GPS: N 42°08'24" E 23°21'11". gsm: 0887.497.181. & 0888.721.212. www.campingbor.hit.bg photos

-63-Sandanski. 2800. Camping "Chetvarti Kilometar Sandanski." "chetvarti kilometar" means 4 kilometre, from the centre of Sandanski. Easy to find: leaving the 1/E79 at the south side of the city. (GPS: N 41°32'44 E 23°16'15".) Follow ± 6,5km the river direction Lilianovo and you are in front of the entrance. (On the road you pass by a street to the left with the "Penny" supermarket, the Park hotel Pirin and Egua.) Since the spring 2011 there is a new hirer. He renovated a lot already to improve the camping, bud stopped to early? The sanitary building looks good from the outside, bud the inside is a mess. Heater and shower are not connected, and it is very dirty. Ask for the key of one of the two story houses for shower and toilet. The camping lies in a forest with very old trees. There are 6 two story houses to rent and 20 smaller and older houses. A lot of space for tents, caravans and campers. Electricity and TV out of one of the houses. There is a nice restaurant with terrace + BBQ. Open from the early spring until late in the autumn. GPS: N 41°35'53" E 23°17'58". gsm: 0896.771.192. Gheorge. photos

-65-Sapareva Banya. 2650. Camping "Verila". On a side road of the 62, between Samokov ±29km and Dupnica ±15km. From the west: in Sapareva Banya into a small asphalted road on the left, is pointed out. (GPS: N 42°17'16" E 23°15'04") From the main street 400m to the camping. The second part of the road is bad macadam, as owner the community has to renovate the road, but.... The camping entrance is ± 100m after the main entrance. The reception and restaurant are in the centre of the camping. There is space for 30 tents, caravans and campers. A new sanitary building is built in 2013, nice and clean. CHEM. Electricity and water connections. Many flowers and green on the camping. There are 12 houses to rent. Small restaurant with terrace. The kitchen is open until 22.00 hr. Free Wi-Fi all over the camping. Open: all year round. GPS: N 42°17'28" E 23°15'06". Tel: 0707.98984. GSM: 0888.843.759. & 0896.688.444. www.ts-verila.hit.bg e-mail: tsverila@abv.bg photos
In the neighbourhood (200m) you find the new SPA swimming pool with inside pool with mineral water. The Spa and a convent. Ask for info.

-60- Sofia. 1632. CAMPER and CARAVAN spot at Camper import "Hidrolift / Camperbg." Boycho Boychev Str. 93a. South west of Sofia in the Street coming from the on the circular road. Hymer, Eriba and Rollerteam dealer and repair. Also a small collection of accessories. The parking will soon be extended including toilets. On the left-hand side at the entrance is the guard. Check in with him. The reception you find by following the arrows on the asphalt, to the other side of the building. There are at this moment 12 places. Electra and water close to the parked campers. For groups a special arrangement. Small repairs are sometimes possible. Cheap taxi to the centre of Sofia. GPS: N 42°41'18" E 23°13'59" Tel: 029.578.775. & 029.576.081. www.camperbg.com e-mail: tsverila@abv.bg foto's (7-'15)

-61-Sofia. 1000. "Vrana". The camping is situated next to the main road Tzarigradsko Shose Blvd. direction Plovdiv on the left side just past the Samsung building. You can reach the camping by: coming over the high way from Plovdiv, just before the second traffic light, turn of in the direction of Infiniti/Nissan Service and Kia Motors. The camping lies on the end of the short road on the right side. Coming from Sofia centre, follow also the signs Nissan Service and turn of and drive underneath the road you came from. Tunnel height max 3,15 m, to low for large campervans! They have to drive on over the Tzarigradsko Shose Blvd. and take the turn at the next crossing. Many places in the shadow. Very muddy after rain. Good shower and toilet in one of the old summer houses. Long grass. Traffic noise comes from the higher lying main road. Open: the whole year round. The camping has a good position for a visit to the town centre of Sofia. With small busses nr. 37, or with line busses into the town or half way and further with the metro, v.v. GPS: N 42°38'14.1", E 23°25'9.9". & GPS: N 42.63733. E 23.41942. Tel: 0929.736.213. gsm: 0888.600.900. photos (8-'14)

-80- Sofia. Motel/camping "Route 80", On the E80 Sofia-Serbia ±9km from Sofia on the North side of the road at the turning Herakova and Prolesha. It is directly after the bridge, so do not miss it. From Serbia, pass by the motel (on the other side of the road) and at the first turning (car wash) cross the road and turn back. 15 places for caravans and campers. There are caravans and 4 rooms for 12 persons to rent. Restaurant, motel and camping nonstop. The owner is a motor fan. In the entrance he shows 2 motorcycles. The motel rooms are named after famous musicians. In the restaurant the music instruments are ready for a concert. On the camping site is no shade. Place number 5 is under a tree where sometimes in the evening hundreds of birds overnight, be warned! During our visit the sanitary was being renovated. There was no water on the camping site. To the motel belongs a hairdresser and a tattoo shop. Free Wifi without code. Language: Bulgarian. Open all year. GPS: N 42°47'01" E 23°10'00". gsm: 0884.060.185. www.route80.bg e-mail: motel_camping@route80.bg photos (7-'15)

-62- Lake Iskar. South-East of Sofia. Holliday village and camping "Istrum Park". Between Samokov ±17km and Ihtiman ±17km On the bank of the lake Iskar. Campers and caravans on macadam, tents on the grass / sandy shore in front of the restaurant. There are rooms and houses to rent. There are plans to expand the terrain for steady caravans. Clean Sanitary. Outside bar with terrace. Swimming pool on the shore, not very clean. You can't swim in the lake officially. There is no English menu in the restaurant, but the food and service is good. The bar plays electronic music. There is a small wooden watermill next to the BBQ, very entertaining for the kids if they turn it on. Open: only in the summer months. GPS: N 42°26'19" E 23°37'56" / GPS: N 42.43861 E 23.63222. Tel: 029.367.071. gsm: 0878.626.226.: Ivo Palev & 0879.170.304.: Silvia Petrova. & 0886.434.637. & 0878.548.207. & 0885.007.070. www.hotelscombined.com/Hotel/Istrum_Park_Resort_Samokov.htm e-mail: istrumpark@abv.bg photos (7-'15)

--Srebarna. 7587. No maintenance no guests. This camping is Closed, bud if you are in the neighbourhood, like to see birds and brought field-glasses, 16km southwest of Silistra:
Divided from the Danube are wide spread wetlands and sweet water lakes of the Unesco biosphere reservation. The most important place for wild birds (Pelicans) in Bulgaria. Next to and behind the Nature Historical Museum in Srebarna are spots to watch birds. photos

-36-Vlado Trichkov. 2299. "Mescalito Camping-Ribkata." Str. 126 5. Leaving the bypass road north of Sofia ±8km over the 16to the north. In the beginning of Vlado Trichkov to the right, over the bridge to the left. The camping is pointed out. Because of the tree branches and other green becomes the road very small. Mini camping on the river Iskar. The entrance is a bit steep with gravel. The camping is not suitable for large caravans and campers. ± 10 places for tents, 6 for caravans/campers. CHEM and grey water disposal. Pool table, BBQ, small restaurant. Video of the camping on face book: Mescalino. Open from 1 April until the end of October. GPS: N 42°51'27" E 23°21'43". gsm: 0889.460.214. & 0878.997.660. & Maia, English: 0878.628.742. http://www.emy-bg.com e-mail: mescalito_camping@abv.bg photos

-69-Vodica. 7851. Mini camping "St. James Park". Vasil Kolarof str. 28. Only for tents! North-east of Veliko Tarnovo. Take on the 51 between Popova 14km and 35km Draganovo the road to Vodica. Than keep during 2,7km the main road through the village. The camping is behind a white house on the right side. The entrance of the camping is on the left side of the house. English owner. 10 places in by flowers and plants divided spaces, in a beautiful garden with a nice lay-out. There can be cooked for you and also breakfast is possible. There is one room with 2 single beds to rent. Eco toilet. Washing machine. 2 bikes and if necessary a car to rent. Free Wi-Fi. Open: from 1 April until October. GPS: N 43°21'48" E 26°03'22". gsm: 0888.638.130. http://www.stjamespark.biz e-mail: mcgowankathy@gmail.com & comeandliveinvoditsa@gmail.com photos

-75-Zverino. 3170. "Oasis Resort". On road numberr 16 from Sofia direction Vratsa lies in Zverino on the other side of the river Iskar, over the bridge left, a brand new resort. You can see it from a distance. First: park outside the fence on the parking and check-in at the bath entrance. After words, you drive around the resort to the camping part at the rear entrance. In the resort are apartments, hotel, restaurant, bar with terrace, loans, beautiful swimming pools with and without slides (also for camping guests). Much flowers and green. The field for tents is a bit steep. For campers and caravans are spaces on horizontal concreted plates. Open hosteller kitchen. The amount of spaces will be extended soon. Water and electricity on several places. The entire complex is surrounded by a wall, 2 meters high and painted white. Closed-off by a heavy door made of steel. Without notifying someone, you cannot enter or leave the property. Great new sanitary building. Rafting for groups can be organized on demand. Open from the start of Mei until the beginning of September. The website "www.oasisresort.bg" is only working when you are logged-in on Facebook. GPS: N 43°04'40.14" E 23°33'53.92". gsm: 0885.615.666. http://www.oasisresort.bg/en/ e-mail: magdalena_oazis@abv.bg photos
In the neighbourhood you find the convent "The 7 Thrones".

Update: 10-08-2017.

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